How to Apply and What’s Next

Steps for enrollment:

The process begins with an online application for admission, where you fill out information about you; so that we learn who you are and we know that you are seriously considering being a part of our program.
Submit transcripts or other documents only when requested
Once your application is reviewed, you may receive an email with further instructions. Unlike other programs, we do not always need additional academic information, but if we need something, we will let you know what we need as well as the deadline date -being late is grounds for rejection.
Pay the application fee
A non-refundable $495 application fee must be submitted with the application.
Why do we charge an application fee? Because it takes our time and our staff like to get paid for their time!
2.) We read and evaluate your responses

This takes time! Please be patient; do not call, email, or otherwise bug us to get your response letter. We are working on it and have lots of things to consider! We are not just reading your application and immediately responding, we must evaluate your application and compare it to the pool of applicants.
If you just want to confirm that we received your online application, please email: [email protected] and we will respond within 24 hours.
3.) We send you a response letter:

What does the letter tell you and what are the next steps and deadlines?
The response letter is the document that formally informs you of the decision of our admissions committee about your application. Decisions are more than just ‘accepted’ or ‘rejected’.  There are five (5) possible outcomes of an application for admission:

Wait List
This sometimes is just the initial phase, especially if we have too many applicants requesting admission and we haven’t yet narrowed down the choices -we may be using this as a way of narrowing applications down to a manageable number! Being put on a wait list is generally a positive sign for your chances of admission. We may ask you in writing whether you would accept being put on the wait list. If you decline, your application to the school is at an end, equivalent to a rejection for admission. If you accept to be put on the wait list you should inform the school in writing. This is an excellent chance for you to communicate to the school any fresh information about relevant developments and accomplishments which have taken place since you submitted your application, plus it tells us that you are an effective communicator -extremely important for a photographer. Before you reply, take a critical look at your application, and decide whether further information will improve your chances of admission. Your reply to the school should be well thought out, because it is a part of your application process.

“Congratulations! you have been accepted into our complete photographer program” The letter of admission is a confirmation that you can enroll in our program. This letter specifies a deadline for meeting with your advisor to cover the program guide and sign the agreement.

Rejection with a path to acceptance
We would like to accept you, but there is something impeding that response. The reasons will be listed in the response letter, as well as the steps necessary for you to take in order to become accepted as well as a deadline date for doing so.

It is not enjoyable to receive this letter, but it does not necessarily mean that we don’t think that you are the right fit. This could be as simple as ‘the request was late’, or that we ‘reached the maximum number of students’, it does not necessarily mean that you did not meet the requirements -but it could, and we would tell you in the response letter the exact reason for rejection. This letter will also state if we would like for you to apply again or not.

Your Application Status

Landers Photography School uses email as the official means of communication. You are required to maintain a current email address in our database and to check your email regularly. The excuse, “you never told me”, is unacceptable at Landers Photography School just like it will be when you are in business for yourself!

All offers of admission are provisional and subject to verification.  Please make sure to report accurate information on your application. False information is subject to immediate rejection.
Knowing Your Status
You will not know until we send out the response letter. There is no way to check on the status of the application other than if we have received it or not. We will inform you of required documents, as needed as well as any deadlines via email. And we expect prompt attention.
If you just want to confirm that we received your online application, please email: [email protected] and we will respond within 24 hours.
Withdrawing Your Application
If you wish to withdraw your application, click here

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