Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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1What if I cannot make it one day (or more)? (sick, car problems, work, etc.)
Easy make-ups! With both livestream and recorded options (at no additional cost) you won’t ever miss a thing! Plus you can go back and review any class at anytime!
2How Much?
Since ‘price out of context’ doesn't show value, it will do no good for you to have the cost until I provide you with a description and comparison - It would be like going to a grocery store and asking “how much is a bag of groceries?' -you have to know what’s in the bag first! We found a way to optimize the program to increase both ‘photography content’ and ‘business content’ and lower the cost to be much more affordable than any other college-style program available, plus we add in ‘private coaching’ at no extra cost - no other program does that! UTSA for my kids right now is over $5000 a semester, the cost of the entire four-year photography program at the art school on I-10 in San Antonio, Texas is over $90,000, plus student fees… You will be surprised to learn that our program is nearly 90% less than theirs at $11,880, plus one student fee per semester (Tuition can be broken up: monthly: $495 or by semester $1981 + student fees of $115 per semester -there are three semesters per year). I think you will like this, this program takes only 2 years to complete, and you will be much better prepared since this is a dedicated program taught by instructors with real-life experience: which means 100% relevant and practical information in photography and the business of photography. Part of the requirements of our program is that our students must begin their business while still enrolled in classes with us, often by the end of their first year - so we can help them through the toughest year in business: the first one! That way they are not just prepared, but already running a photography business when they graduate, and hopefully making way more than the cost of the program in income from that business!
3This is a question for Jim Landers: there are other photography schools out there that I would assume are pretty good, what is your motivation and why do you feel that you are better than they are?
When I completed a photography program (at the time was considered to be the third best on the nation) a total of 33 of us graduated from the four-year program; after just 2 years, a whopping 30 of them moved on to other professions, and after only 5 years, I was the only one left. I wasn’t the best in the group, average at best, in fact some were so good, it crossed my mind that maybe I should just quit. But the point of this is to say that with even the best programs out there, they simply do not prepare you for the reality of being in business for yourself. That is the basis for this unique program here at Landers Photography School.
4How many students are in the program?
Small class size! We only allow 8-16 students in per year! It takes a lot of our time and attention to deliver this program, so we only allow a select few, highly motivated, dedicated, happy people in!

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